Hygienisation of air conditioning pipes


Over time, air conditioning systems and their pipes suffer from the presence of environmental contaminants and dirtiness, such as dust, fungi, waste, organic remains, etc.

If a correct maintenance plan is not established, this can lead to problems in the functioning of the systems as well as producing diverse alterations in the health of users, possibly leading to respiratory pathologies, allergies, etc.

We apply current regulations and take the current UNE REGULATIONS as a reference, the purpose of which is to correctly value and develop working protocols that improve the hygiene of air conditioning units.

  • The inspection and diagnosis of the situation of the systems.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of pipes.

  • The cleanliness of air conditioning units, diffusers, coils, registers and bars.

  • Deodorisation (elimination of unpleasant smells).

We inform and assess about related legislation, carrying out protocols of evaluation and validation, as well as planning and designing work, with a professional, highly trained technical and commercial team.

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We guarantee our environmental commitment as an essential value for our customers, by incorporating the latest technologies and research based on reducing the waste that is created in pest management and control.

We minimise the impact on the natural environment and protect beneficial species and we only act on those which, when they become a nuisance, are harmful to health and quality of life.

We reduce the waste generated to the minimum and we manage it in the best way possible, with authorised companies specialised in transporting and eliminating it.