Control of Insects that infest Wood


The most common xylophagous insects are termites and woodworm. They are very different from each other and cause problems with highly different characteristics, scopes and consequences.

Each infestation is unique and according to its degree, preventative or curative measures must be applied, using one kind or another of technology. All wood, however resistant it may be, can be affected and despite the fact that initially the effects are almost imperceptible, they end up putting structures made from pillars and wooden beams in danger, creating risks for users with the consequent economic expenses. 

The services we offer range from the complete initial study, determining the elements and areas that are affected and their quantification, through to the control of the colonies that affect the building and its wooden features.

This control can be made using a great variety of methods, from physical ones by means of microwaves, through to traditional chemical protectors, not forgetting the most modern biological control systems by means of disrupting the chitin synthesis.

As in the rest of cases of plagues of pests, before carrying out any action, a study of the facilities must be carried out in order to get to know the characteristics, uses, deficiencies and risks, wooden features, affected furnishings: in short we will carry out an exhaustive DIAGNOSIS.

This preliminary study may require the use of electronic detection systems, measuring the temperature and humidity of the wood, thermographic maps, etc. that will help to construct a real map of the extent of the plague. We start off by identifying and studying the pest, and continue with a proposal of measures with details of the actions, the possible combinations of methods to be used, the proposed schedule, the technical, safety and economic characteristics: this is the ACTION PLAN. We always give priority to the use of methods that are most respectful to the safety of people, in first place, and the environment, in second place.

This is why physical control methods and biological control systems will be our initial proposals. We will only resort to traditional chemical methods if necessary. On completing the work, we will compile all the information regarding our actions in the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE SERVICE PROVIDED for the technical, contractual and safety guarantee of our customer and the persons who depend on him.

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We guarantee our environmental commitment as an essential value for our customers, by incorporating the latest technologies and research based on reducing the waste that is created in pest management and control.

We minimise the impact on the natural environment and protect beneficial species and we only act on those which, when they become a nuisance, are harmful to health and quality of life.

We reduce the waste generated to the minimum and we manage it in the best way possible, with authorised companies specialised in transporting and eliminating it.