Cold domestic water and water for human consumption, drinking water, is a basic element for people's health, and its control is very important as well as being complex due to the huge amount of drinking water that is consumed as well as the thousands of kilometres of pipes that make up the drinking water networks of municipalities and, above all, the complexity of water itself.

Sahicasa provides a drinking water control service, through diagnosis, assessment, sample taking and disinfection, if necessary, to ensure top-quality water in the consumer's tap.

At present, the reference legislation is Royal Decree 140/2003, however companies must be aware of all the changes and modifications that occur in this area, in many case through European directives, above all concerning the materials and chemical products that are used in the process to make water drinkable through to its arrival in the consumer's tap.

Sahicasa draws up Complete Autocontrol Plans for Drinking Water to ensure compliance with current regulations as well as correct hygienic and health maintenance of the installations.



This is a transversal service to all the services that Sahicasa offers for controlling water and in the environmental area in general. The main objective is to help customers know what they need to do, and when and how precisely to do so, but also in a clear and simple way regarding the measures that the customer is recommended to carry out.

This Autocontrol Plan mainly consists of:

  • Initial diagnosis of the facilities.

  • Setting up a programme of measures to comply with the regulations and in keeping with the Sahicasa guidelines and diagnosis.

  • To set up detailed protocols for each of the measures

  • To elaborate registers to control all the results and all the documentation created during the execution of the autocontrol plan.


One of Sahicasa's strengths is training and assessment, not only are we committed to carry out the actions for which we have been contracted, but we also question customers about the comprehensive compliance with regulations that an external company does not normally do, to ensure that the requirements are complied with and we also study whether the protocols for action established by a customer are the most suitable ones or whether they could be improved.

SAHICASA obtains this service through the proximity policy between our technicians and the Technical Management and those responsible for each facility.

Training is basic in the environmental area as the technicians have to be extremely qualified due to the complex nature and variability of the tasks they carry out.

For years, SAHICASA has been participating as a speaker at the official courses on legionella, meaning that we can always help customers with compulsory training or recommend them how to choose due to the excessive offer that there is in this area.

SAHICASA has also decided to offer customised courses as an improvement to the training service it provides, without affecting official courses given, adapting them to the type of customer to avoid having to attend a 25-hour course in which very general things are spoken about or going into technical details that some people do not need in order to carry out their habitual work.

This individualised training can be given in face-to-face courses, but we also have an Online Platform available for our customers where students can do the course without having to travel, from a computer, on different days or doing a few hours at a time, to best suit each user's available time.

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environmental-friendly company.

We guarantee our environmental commitment as an essential value for our customers, by incorporating the latest technologies and research based on reducing the waste that is created in pest management and control.

We minimise the impact on the natural environment and protect beneficial species and we only act on those which, when they become a nuisance, are harmful to health and quality of life.

We reduce the waste generated to the minimum and we manage it in the best way possible, with authorised companies specialised in transporting and eliminating it.